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We can Also Provide Positional Couplers.

At Mehtech Engineering Pvt Ltd, we strive to establish ourselves as a reliable manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a engineered and functionally effective range of mechanical splicing systems and related accessories.

Established in the year 1987 under the leadership of Mr. Pravin Mehta, our ability to customize products has enabled us to meet the unique requirements of varied customers. Adhering to the required quality standards, we utilize best quality raw materials and advanced technology in our manufacturing processes. We place a strong emphasis on international collaboration and communication, striving to promote productive partnerships on a global scale.

MEHTECH ENGINEERING PVT.LTD. caters to the need of mechanical splicing system technology for the construction industry. Our solutions offer connection of Rebars with mechanical couplers over tradition lap splicing methods for bars ranging from 12mm to 40mm.

Product introduction:

A rebar coupler, also known as a mechanical coupler, is a device used in construction to connect two reinforcing bars together. Its primary function is to provide a mechanical connection between two bars, allowing for the transfer of loads and maintaining the continuity of reinforcement in concrete structures. They provide a reliable and efficient method of joining rebars, eliminating the need for time consuming and labor intensive traditional methods such as tying them together with the help of wires.

By using couplers, construction processes can be expedited and the overall strength and integrity of the reinforced concrete structure can be enhanced. In essence, a rebar coupler and a mechanical coupler refer to the same type of device used for connecting reinforcing bars in construction. Both these terms seem to be interchangeable terms. Mehtech Engineering caters to the requirements of mechanical splicing system technology within the construction industry. Our solutions facilitate the connection of rebars using mechanical couplers, providing an alternative to conventional lap splicing methods for bars ranging from 12mm to 40mm.

Key Strengths

  • Reducing rebar congestion in reinforced column and improving flow of concrete
  • Insufficient space for lap splicing of rebars
  • Eliminating cavities / Honeycomb in concrete element
  • Couplers or mechanical splicing is a safe & economical alternative to overlaps in steel reinforcement bar
  • Complies standard IS 16172:2014

Types of Mechanical Couplers:

a. Threaded Couplers: These couplers consist of two threaded ends that are screwed onto the rebars to create a mechanical connection. They are commonly used in applications where high load transfer capacity is required.

b. Cement Filled Couplers: These couplers have a hollow sleeve that is filled with cement after the rebars are inserted. The cement provides additional bonding and corrosion protection.

c. Compression Couplers: These couplers rely on compression forces to create a mechanical connection. They are typically used in applications where rebars need to be extended or repaired.

d. Weldable Couplers: These couplers are designed to be welded directly to the rebars, creating a strong and permanent connection.

Advantages of Mechanical Couplers:

a. Time and Labor Savings: These type of couplers eliminate the need for time-consuming and labor-intensive processes such as lap splicing, reducing construction time and costs.

b. Increased Structural Integrity: These products provide a reliable and consistent connection, ensuring the structural integrity of the concrete element.

c. Improved Quality Control: These couplers are manufactured under strict quality control measures, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

d. Flexibility: Mechanical couplers allow for easy extension, modification, or repair of reinforced concrete structures.

Additionally, we can also provide positional Coupler, this term is less commonly used, but it may refer to a coupler that not only provides a mechanical connection, but also ensures the correct positioning of the connected bars. The emphasis is not only on joining the bars, but also on maintaining their proper orientation within the concrete structure.

Positional Couplers, Rebar Coupler Manufacturer in United Kingdom

Positional Couplers, Rebar Coupler Manufacturer in Middle East. Positional Coupler is suitable for connected two bars of the same diameter. where not bar can be rotated. Rebar couplers eliminate concrete pour congestion. while minimizing potential job site problems. It comprises an internally threaded sleeve with two right hand thread which are tapered towards the middle of the coupler.

Rebar couplers are generally torqued on to the reinforcing bar. the bar threading shop the internal threads protection by plastic end caps. This includes One Couplers and one thread. The couplers are delivered to site welded to the appropriate Rebar. Rebar Coupler Manufacturer in United Kingdom, we are engaged in manufacturing a wide spectrum of Rebar Coupler. we offer these products in varied specifications to our valuable clients.